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Pro Shop


We've got you covered.

The Pro Shop is located in the main lobby of the WVU Student Recreation Center and has the gear you need for your next workout or sporting event. We have a wide selection of items available for checkout, rental, or purchase. Equipment checkout is available to WVU students and Student Recreation Center members.

Equipment Checkout:

Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor Use Only
Badminton Racquet Football
Climbing Shoes Frisbee
Futsal Soccer ball
Jump Rope Grab and Go Items
Ping Pong Paddle Basketball
Protective Eyewear Towel
Squash Racquet
Weight Belts

Items for Sale: 

Nutrition/Hygiene Products Price (tax included) Equipment and Accessories Price (tax included)
Core Power Elite Protein $4.50 Flip Flops $3.00
XTEND RTD BCAAS $4.00 Hair Ties $0.50
Powerade Blue $1.75 Headphones $2.00
Powerade Red $1.75 iPhone Adapters $10.00
VitaminWater Yellow $2.25 Adapter/Headphone Combo $11.75
VitaminWater Red $2.25 Can Tennis Balls $5.50
Zico Water $3.00 Chalk Ball $7.00
Shampoo $1.00 Dunlop Squash Ball $5.50
Soap $1.00 Combination Lock $5.00
Old Spice Deoderant $2.00 Climbing Shirt $6.50
Secret Deoderant $2.00 T-Shirt $10.00

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