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Personal Trainers

Michaela Piendel, CPT

PT 1Michaela calls Erie, Pennsylvania home. She is a junior Exercise Physiology major minoring in Sport and Exercise Psychology. At age six, Michaela was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It has always been important for her and her family to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition and fitness have helped Michaela maintain this lifestyle, and through her studies atWVU, her knowledge continues to grow. Throughout high school, Michaela participated in basketball for her school team and travel teams. Within these experiences, she became more interested in improving her athletic ability. Michaela began to do her own research and found a love for exercise and proper nutrition. She earned her personal training certification through NETA in January of 2016 and now specifically strives to help individuals learn proper lifting techniques and feel confident in the weight room, but more importantly in their own skin.

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Sam Plantz, CPT

PT 5Sam is a Junior nursing student from Charleston, W.V. He first attended Concord University where he played a semester of football as starting long snapper before deciding to hang up his helmet and cleats. After transferring to WVU, his love for the medical field combined with his enjoyment of interacting with people drove him into nursing.

Sam’s passion for working out began in high school with summer lifting to grow size and strength. Once his football career ended, fitness became his outlet to fuel his competitive nature. Sam earned his Personal Training Certification in July 2016 through the National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA). His philosophy is based around living a healthier lifestyle. Sam writes workout programs specific to his client’s goals. Seeing his clients’ progress and sharing his passion for fitness is what drives his love for personal training.

“My hope is for you to be the best YOU that YOU can be. My goal is to aid in your success.”
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Adam Shuldman, CPT

PT 6Adam is a senior working on a Multidisciplinary Studies degree. Sports and physical activity was a big part of Adam’s upbringing. He was involved in everything from soccer and cross-country in middle school to football and varsity baseball in high school. His passion for sports inspired him to want to learn more about training, nutrition, and overall fitness when he came to college; to truly learn how to become the biggest, fastest, and strongest version of himself.

His overall goal is to show each and every one of his clients that they can achieve any goal they set for themselves and through time and persistence, anything is possible. “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without ever seeing the true beauty and strength of which his or her body is capable of.”

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Josh Vickery, CPT

PT 2Josh is originally from Augusta, WV. He grew up playing his two favorite sports, tennis and soccer. He pursued a degree at WVU because of his fascination of the human body and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology. While working towards his degree, he discovered his passion for the Spanish language and the culture and also completed a degree in Spanish. Josh intends to continue his education in Physical Therapy school in the near future.

Josh’s passion for human physiology, devotion toward exercise, nutrition, and the lifestyle as a whole has motivated him to share the knowledge he obtained through school with others in hopes of helping them improve strength, health, and enjoyment in fitness.

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Nick Oxendale, CrossFit LVL 1

PT 3Nick was born in Kissimmee, Florida, but has lived most of his life in West Virginia. He is a student in Landscape Architecture curriculum. Upon graduation, he intends to attend graduate school in architecture.

Since his earliest years he has participated in a variety of sports, but in recent years his focus has been on the essential ingredient for all athletic endeavors... fitness! Nick has earned a Crossfit Level I trainer certificate. He believes that a mixture of cardio and weightlifting is a perfect combination to functional fitness, along with an improvement in wellness and spirit.

Developing and maintaining a sensible regimen of healthy living when younger is essential if one is to minimize age related physical infirmities. Physical training can serve as a buffer to postpone or avoid many of the infirmities of old age.

“My worst nightmare is the thought of being too unhealthy as an older adult to do the things I love with my friends and family. I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle until the end.”

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Elizabeth Burgio, CPT

PT 4Elizabeth is originally from Howard County, MD. She earned her BS in Chemistry from University of Maryland, College Park in May 2017, then started at WVU in Fall 2017 to pursue her Masters in Secondary Education with a chemistry emphasis. Elizabeth danced ballet between the ages of 4 and 17, but when she was 16 she discovered her true passion for fitness and nutrition when she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. This diagnosis required a change in the way she ate and exercised, so she strives to educate others about how to make transitions easier and promote a positive body image.

Elizabeth earned her Personal Training Certification through NASM in May 2018 to better serve the community. While she focuses on traditional weight training, Elizabeth also incorporates functional training, Pilates, and yoga into her normal fitness routine.

“Find the type of exercise that works for you. Keep it interesting so you can stay motivated, and most of all have fun with your workout routine!”

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