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Infant and Preschool Swim Lessons

This program is intended to help young children (6 months through 4 years) develop a comfort level in and around water and prepare them to learn how to swim. This program is not designed to teach children to become accomplished swimmers or survive in the water on their own. The program provides information and techniques for parents to orient their children to the water and to learn how to safely supervise all water activities.

Program requires parent/adult accompaniment in the water.

Session 1: Saturdays, February 3rd – 24th

Class     Time  Age 
Toddler  8:30 am  18 months - 3 years 
Toddler 9:30 am  18 months - 3 years 
Preschool 10:30 am  3 - 4 years

Session 2: Saturdays, March 3rd – 24th

Class  Time  Age 
Infant  8:30 am  6 months - 18 months 
Toddler  9:30 am  18 months - 3 years 
Preschool  10:30 am  3 - 4 years 


Pricing includes tax. 

  • WVU Student / Member $50

  • Public $60


Opens 6:00pm Tuesday, January 2nd at the SRC Welcome Desk.

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