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Swim Lessons


Children's Sunday Swim Lessons | Spring

This program is open to children (ages 5-12) of all skill levels. Skill assessment will occur during week one’s lesson to aid in proper class placement. Individual students will progress through the levels at their own pace. This pace is dependent upon several factors such as their age, physical coordination and how often they swim. Repeating a swim level is not unusual. When students can comfortably and confidently perform all skills, using the required techniques, they will progress to the next level.
  • Ages 5 -12
  • Group Lessons

Infant and Preschool Swim Lessons | Fall

Program purpose is intended to develop in young children (6 months through 4 years) a comfort level in and around water, as well as a readiness for learning to swim.  It is important to understand that this program is not designed to teach children to become accomplished swimmers, or even to survive in the water on their own.  The program provides information and techniques for parents to orient their children to the water and to learn how to safely supervise all water activities.
  • Ages 6 m ths  - 4 yrs
  • Group Lessons

Private Swim Lessons | Year Round

  • Ages 4 - Adult
  • Individual Instruction

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