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Class Instructors

Heather DeLauter

Heather DeLauterHeather DeLauter is an undergraduate Elementary Education major here at WVU. She in love with Zumba after attending for the first time in 2013. Since then, she has been teaching friends and family and made the decision to become a certified Zumba instructor in 2014. “I love making my students smile and feel good about themselves while ensuring that they get the best workout that they can. I absolutely love Zumba and want all of my students to leave feeling the same. I hope to inspire others to be passionate about fitness and dance through my classes. I couldn’t be happier about teaching at the SRC!”

Jenny Douglas

Jenny DouglasJenny became a Body Pump instructor in 2013 and a Body Flow instructor in 2014. She loves the contrast between these two classes and the way that each helps participants to develop new areas of strength. From the adrenaline of the Pump class to the balance and stretching in the Flow class, both classes offer amazing ways to get fit with fun music and group motivation. When she’s not in the gym, she loves hanging out with her daughter, and she works at American Public University System in the Graduate Studies division.

Alex Fox

Alex FoxAlex Fox is a West Virginia native residing in Morgantown WV with her husband and 2 beautiful kids, Brianna and Jaxon. By day she is a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant at the WVU Eye Institute at Ruby Hospital where she specializes is glaucoma and pediatrics.

Alex has a true passion for yoga and loves to find ways to make exercise fun! She is a Certified Children’s Yoga Instructor through Cosmic Kids Yoga, and runs a program with an amazing following called Lil Yogis. Alex is also a Yoga Alliance certified 200-hour RYT yoga instructor since 2016. She likes to challenge her students and make sure everyone leaves her class smiling.

Scott Goins

Scott GoinsScott is an ex track and field athlete. After years of inactivity, he decided to take an indoor cycling class and has been an active participant ever since. With some prompting from the instructors and fellow students, Scott became a Madd Dogg certified Spinning instructor in 2015. His day job for the past 29 years is working for one of the nation’s largest food service contractors as a Senior business technical analyst. “I really enjoy having the opportunity to teach at the SRC and share my fitness journey to help others achieve their fitness goals”.

Katie Goodie

Katie GoodieKatie loves teaching Zumba to all ages! She believes that Zumba is a cardio workout that can keep anyone in shape due to it’s high/low nature. After having her daughter, Katie decided to become certified in Zumba to help get back in shape; it is a such a fun way to workout and lose weight. Stop in to one of her classes. She would love to teach you some new moves!

Melissa Henry

Melissa HenryAfter graduating with an Exercise Science degree from Fairmont State University, Melissa became enrolled at West Virginia University pursuing her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. This is when she began attending Spinning classes regularly at the Student Rec Center. After realizing her passion for motivating others to lead physically active lifestyles, she became a certified Mad Dogg Spinning instructor in 2013. Melissa’s classes incorporate high intensity, endurance exercise with a variety of music genres for a fun and exciting work out. When Melissa isn’t teaching Spinning, she works as a Physical Therapist at Country Roads Physical Therapy in Fairmont, WV. She enjoys helping people feel better and improving their overall health and physical fitness.

Jennifer Nieusma Karolchik

Jennifer Nieusma KarolchikJennifer has been teaching group fitness classes for years. She became a certified Pilates instructor in 2004 by Power House Pilates and in 2007 found her passion for belly dance. Many parts of her life have been about teaching and assisting others. Jennifer combines her passion for bellydance with her ability to instruct to be able to share the freedom of expression that is given from the movement of dance. She believes healing comes from finding your true self and dance is a wonderful pathway to that self discovery. Jennifer is an animal lover and a teacher; a listener and a healer. She hopes her classes will help people grow; to illuminate the path for their self discovery journey.

Kylie Lawhorne

Kylie LawhorneKylie is an undergraduate student at here at WVU majoring in Public Health. She fell in love with BODYPUMP classes when she started attending them in the Fall of 2015; she loved how the instructors made the class so much fun. This inspired Kylie to become a certified instructor in February 2016. In addition, Kylie is currently working toward her certification in BODYFLOW. When Kylie isn’t teaching BODYPUMP, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, baking, or just sitting down with popcorn and a good movie. Kylie says: “BODYPUMP has given me results that I haven’t seen with any other program and the group atmosphere makes it so much easier to make it through a tough workout. When you hear the awesome music and see everyone around you pushing themselves, it gives you the motivation you need to challenge yourself and make it to the end.”

Zoe Levine

Zoe LevineZoe is an undergraduate music therapy student with a world music minor. In 2013, she began taking Zumba classes at her local gym and fell in love with the Latin beats and hip-hop choreography. She became a licensed Zumba instructor in the summer of 2015. Zoe is on the WVU Women’s Club Ultimate Frisbee team and loves hiking, dogs, and dancing. Zoe hopes to combine her knowledge of dance, world music, and exercise to help people understand that working out can be accessible and fun!

Abby Lusk

Abby LuskAbby Lusk was certified in Zumba during June of 2016. She is currently in the 5-Year Teacher Education Program for secondary science/biology at WVU. Her mom was the one who first introduced her to a local Zumba class in her hometown of Man, WV back in 2013. “I have struggled with being overweight my whole life, but Zumba changed the game for me. I constantly made excuses to not workout and eat healthfully. Zumba made me want to workout though because the fun, upbeat atmosphere took the feeling of exercise being like a chore away.

Jen MacDonald

Jen MacDonaldJen (aka Jennertainment) has been devoted to fitness since her first step class in 1988. She is an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor and is currently working on her Personal Trainer Certification. Jen is certified in Les Mills BodyPump and CXWORX, in addition, she teaches BOSU, kickboxing and interval training. Jen received her BA in Sociology from University of South Carolina, MA in Student Development from Appalachian State, and MSED in Health Promotions from Virginia Tech. Jen works in the Center for Learning, Advising and Student Success at WVU. She loves to be in the mountains…hiking, biking or kayaking!

Stephanie McWilliams

Stephanie McWilliamsStephanie McWilliams has been a group fitness instructor since 1998, certified in various formats, including BodyPump, CXWorx, BodyJam, Zumba, Aqua Zumba, Pilates, Kickboxing, Bokwa, Prenatal Fitness, etc. With national certifications from NASM, AFAA, and AEA, she has also served as a national fitness presenter. Stephanie grew up dancing and was part of a dance company throughout college. She still teaches dance classes at her family’s studio in Scranton, PA (open for over 40 years!).

Stephanie is a Health Behavior Counselor for the PEIA Weight Management Program and teaches in the Physical Education department at WVU. She is a mom of 3, and works hard to keep her kids active! Stephanie is a coach for the local youth basketball leagues and loves to use her background in Sport and Exercise Psychology to work on mental skills with young athletes. Stephanie’s goals in the fitness world are to make fitness fun and accessible for all, and to help people understand their WHY behind physical activity.

Rohit Nezhad

Rohit NezhadRohit is a student in the WVU School of Dentistry. He started taking spinning classes at the SRC during undergrad as a way to alleviate the stresses of a vigorous course load. Rohit loved the classes so much that he became a certified Mad Dogg Spinning instructor in 2016. He strives not only to motivate people to improve their oral health, but their physical and mental health as well. When he isn’t spinning, drilling, or filling, Rohit enjoys playing tennis and video games.

Lori Sherlock, Ed.D.

Lori SherlockLori Sherlock is a long-time supporter and educator in the field of aquatics. She has been involved with various elements of the aquatic industry since the late 90’s including therapy and rehab, exercise and personal training, in addition to management and pool operation. As an Associate Professor in the School of Medicine within the Division of Exercise Physiology at West Virginia University, Dr. Sherlock has the opportunity to educate and train students through the Aquatic Therapy Emphasis. Her extensive training in the field along with her ample certifications allows for the Aquatic Emphasis to cover the continuum of care within both the exercise and rehab settings while including pool operator certification and managerial guidelines. Mrs. Sherlock has been involved with the Aquatic Exercise Association, Arthritis Foundation, Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute, as well as the National Swimming Pool Foundation for a number of years as a contributing speaker, author, and researcher. In addition to her educational focus, Lori competes around the world in the sport of triathlon, is a 5 x All American, and has competed in the World Championships on several occasions.

Jaclyn Stamile

Jaclyn StamileJaclyn is a graduate student at WVU, pursing her MA in Elementary Education. She received her BA in Psychology and Criminology from WVU in 2014. Always a mountaineer, Jaclyn has been taking Les Mills classes since 2013 and fell in love with BODYPUMP, which eventually lead her to become an instructor in 2015. In her free time, you can spot Jaclyn running up the hills of Morgantown or cooking delicious recipes at home. Jaclyn says: “BODYPUMP has made me a stronger and more confident individual. I have always been motivated by the music, the challenging choreography, and the determination of my participants. I have seen many friendships develop as students take part in their fitness journey together. BODYPUMP is a huge part of my life and it is exciting that I get to share my passion for the program with others.”

Megan Tehrani

Megan TehraniMegan is an undergraduate Sport and Exercise Psychology major. After years of dancing and playing soccer she was interested in finding a new hobby, which led her to her first BODYPUMP class. She loved the combination of weightlifting to music and the results she was noticing shortly after the first few classes. Megan became part of the Les Mills Tribe, earning certifications in both BODYPUMP and BODYATTACK. When she is not running around from class to the gym or day dreaming about being on Saturday Night Live, Megan loves making people laugh, traveling, filming and editing videos, and spending time with her family. “I love the safe, social atmosphere group fitness provides, and meeting people who are driven and determined for success. I am grateful for the friendships I have made through these programs, and am eager to help people push themselves to become their best self!”

Christine Wallace

Christine WallaceChristine Wallace (MS, CPT) went to the 2012 world long-distance triathlon championships for Team Canada. She has over 15 years of experience in teaching exercise classes and coaching runners, walkers, and triathletes. She was also a member of the Canadian 100×1 mile women’s relay team that broke a Guinness World Record in 1999. She is a certified personal trainer through ACE, and a Water Safety Instructor through the American Red Cross. At the SRC, she teaches Shallow Water Aqua Fitness and coaches the WVU Rec Aquatic Club. She is also a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at Pro Performance, exercise instructor at the WVU College of Law, swim coordinator at The Shack Neighborhood House, on the Board of Directors at Conscious Harvest Coop, and 5k Director for Girls on the Run of North Central WV.

Ryan Wamsley

Ryan WamsleyRyan is a West Virginia native, born and raised in Buckhannon and a WVU alumni. He is currently working as a health, wellness, and physical education instructor at the middle and elementary levels for Monongalia County Schools. After a back injury put a stop to Ryan’s love of running, he began to search for physical activity that was challenging but restorative and lower-impact. It was through this search that Ryan found yoga. The combination of the physical and mental practice of yoga has relieved the stress that is placed on his mind and body each day as he works with students in a very physically active environment and has helped Ryan find the patience and center of calm that is necessary when being sneezed on by multiple small people on a regular basis. Ryan now enjoys the transition from teaching students in his schools to students in the yoga studio, where he can share his love of the mind-body connection that is provided by a consistent yoga practice.

Ryan’s yoga classes are an athletic and physical flow of breath and motion that are accessible but still challenging for participants at all levels. The nature of Ryan’s classes will encourage students to dial their thoughts and intentions into the present moment and bring their minds to a place of calm and focus.

Ryan Wallace

Ryan is a 2nd-year law student and Bloom Scholar at WVU’s College of Law. After seeing his health decline after just one semester of legal studies, Ryan’s wife convinced him to start a regular exercise regimen. Ryan started attending her Spinning classes, and quickly got hooked. He got certified as a Madd Dogg Spinning instructor, and now teaches Spinning 5 days a week—just for the fun of it! “Spinning is my lifeline to good health,” says Ryan. “I highly recommend this fun group activity to anyone who may struggle with staying motivated about exercise. Come once and you’ll feel sore. Come twice and you’ll feel better. Come three times, and you’ll be hooked!” If you’re attending one of Ryan’s Spinning classes, you’ll want to bring a water bottle, a sweat towel, and your best effort. By providing cues throughout the class, Ryan makes it easy for riders to tailor each dynamic 60-minute workout to any difficulty level, from beginner to expert.

Nancy Whittington

Nancy WhittingtonNancy has been teaching group fitness since 2010, but is a lifelong fitness enthusiast. She is a Les Mills Group Fitness instructor with certifications in BODYPUMP and BODYATTACK. Nancy is also a certified Barre instructor, and is very passionate about the barre technique and the amazing results it produces. In addition, Nancy is a NETA Certified Personal Trainer. When she isn’t teaching classes, Nancy stays busy taking care of her two crazy boys: Beau and Sutton. Nancy really enjoys sharing her love of fitness and a healthy lifestyle with WVU. She believes that everyone is capable of more than they think they are, and it is her job to push them to their potential. You will often hear her say in class, “I am here to push you,” and she means it!

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