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Health and Safety Rules

Violations of the following general rules or any conduct, which many endanger or impair the safety of anyone, may be cause for permanent expulsion from the Aquatics Area at the discretion of the aquatic staff.

The Aquatics Area may close at the discretion of the manager or head lifeguard on duty in either of the following situations:

In the event of inclement weather:

The Student Recreation Center will be closed upon the first sighting of lightning or hearing of thunder. The patrons must clear the pool and deck areas. Patrons can congregate in the locker rooms until the pool reopens. The showers will be unavailable while the pool is closed during thunder and lightning storms. Please assist our lifeguards in clearing the pool and deck areas when asked to do so. The Aquatics Manager or Head Lifeguard will direct the clearing and reopening of the pool. Our main concern is always patron safety and during a storm we can’t guarantee safety in the water.

In the presence of possible health concerns from waterborne or blood-borne bacteria.

The following are not permitted within the pool area:

Swimming tests will be provided for youth by a member of the lifeguard staff. If the swim test is passed, the youth will be permitted to swim in the lap pool. Adult supervision is required in the Aquatic areas for youth under 16 years of age. The swim test involves the youth swimming 25 yards on front, followed by one minute of treading water.

All persons are encouraged to take a shower before entering the pool area.

All persons wearing diapers or of diaper-wearing age must wear swimsuit diapers or tight-fitting rubber or plastic pants that will contain fecal matter and prevent it from entering the pool.

Clean appropriate swimwear is required. All swimsuits must have a “liner” to be considered a swimsuit.

The following are not considered swimsuits:

Note: A swimsuit must be worn under any type of clothing worn in the pool. At no time are long pants or loose fitting draped garments permitted in the water.

Public displays of affections are prohibited.

Adults may use jogging belts for jogging through the water. An adult/youth must be able to swim without an aid in the deep water, and is subject to a water test if a guard suspects the use of a jogging belt presents a danger.

Coast Guard approved personal floatation device (lifejacket) may be worn for the purpose of making our pools accessible to persons of all swimming abilities provided the wearer is being assisted by a responsible experienced swimmer. Flotation devices must be U.S. Coast Guard Certified and so marked plainly.

In the case of an emergency, members shall follow directions given by the lifeguards on duty. One long whistle by the lifeguard indicates an emergency and is the signal for all participants to clear the pool and spa.

Spa Health and Safety Rules:

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